HayDay Game Methods You Will Not Think

Those who read me regularly (and thank you) know that I am a big fan of Clash of Clans. Of course, given its large popularity, this is barely worth mentioning. Pretty much everybody is a Clash of Clans fan, or going to become one. But, popular as it is, I think it’s somewhat sad that this prevalence has stunted lots of the dialogue about among Supercell’s other big games, HayDay. Much like CoC, HayDay has complex strategies, time-based challenges, and copious quantities of source management, all which must be navigated in order for one to advance.

But as it’s an entirely different game (with entirely different goals and design aesthetics), this means there is a whole new set of techniques and strategies that a player must learn in order to do well. Some would just say play until you learn it. In problem solving conditions, this is what is referred to as”brute force”: attempting every possible combination of alternatives until you get the setup that meets your requirements. Yes, this can be just as irritating, boring, and time-consuming as it seems. It is definitely better to have a system in place, and a few tried but true strategies to get you started. I’d say take all of the HayDay tips you can get and leap frog the competition in a few days.

Below I present some of the best tips and secrets which will be sure to provide you the competitive edge, whatever your experience level. Remember some of those secrets are more beginner and some more advanced.

— Andrew Jackson

Grab Some Diamonds

Most of us know coins are a helpful money in HayDay but finally they pale compared to the diamond. If you can, be certain that you get your hands on as many diamonds as you can. Of course, you can always purchase packs of diamonds as an in-app buy, but there are plenty of ways you might also make them in-game. To help you in that quest, here are a number of ways you can score diamonds.

You probably know that you just get 1 or 2 diamonds every time you level up.
If you’d like an extra diamond, just follow HayDay on Facebook. Easiest diamond you are ever going to get. As soon as you’re a lover, you are able to enter competitions that HayDay boosts on their Facebook page.

As you advance through the game you can get more diamonds by finishing an achievement.
You’ll find diamonds in mystery boxes sometimes so keep an eye out for them.
If you find a movie ticket this is a way for HayDay to make additional cash. Fundamentally, they’re promoting a 30 second trailer of some other app for a free diamond.
Lastly, if you get to level 24 afterward you can get tons of diamonds just by mining, but you will have to make it to that level first.

HayDay Newspaper Tip

You may have seen papers around when playing HayDay and did not think anything about these. It can be easy to miss, but papers can be a super quick and effortless way to create additional cash. Don’t limit yourself to just using your newspaper, you can steal someone else’s paper and use that too. That is right, though this is a much more peaceful game than Clash of Clans, there is the same prospect for one to screw over your fellow players which you have in these games. Be warned, however: they can just as easily screw with you.

Look around for sales as they’re always worth it. You may find 5 to 400 sale for construction equipment, goods, dynamite, etc.. Go right ahead and invest the money to purchase it and you can then sell them individually for a sign up. Super easy cash.

Don’t Hurry A Sale

You may find yourself in a situation where someone wants to purchase your goods but won’t cover as much as you would like for them. Given that you are within a sensible selection, it will always be of assistance to hold out and wait patiently till you get a better offer.

Ensure you maintain your game so that you’re never desperately needing cash since you will be forced to sell things at lower than ideal prices. I find that selling your goods is best done across the roadside stores, where you are able to get better deals.

The creators of HayDay desire the game to be as realistic as possible in order that they will build at a natural flux of demand and supply where you have to balance both throughout the game. Of course, economics 101 claims to sell when there is high demand and low supply and purchase if there is low demand and higher supply. This will be a quick way to get ahead.

Use Time Of Day / Night

Even if you’re not playing HayDay that doesn’t mean the game has ceased and you will notice there is a gap of time while you sleep or are at school or work which you’re able to make the best use from.

I would recommend planting crops, especially ones which take a long time to yield, throughout the evenings or before a long stretch where you can not check on your game. Don’t plant the easy crops such as wheat or corn, but stick with indigo, pumpkinseeds, etc.. These plants take hours to yield in order that they’ll be growing while you are sleeping.

Afterward, when you wake up everything you have to do is harvest them and you are ready to go. You might even use the same technique if you want to with a number of other things. If you find a process or manufacturing takes a long time then just start it right before you go to bed and it’ll be ready to go if you awaken.

Get New Deals

Should you check out the paper and don’t enjoy any of the deals, you don’t have to be worried. These deals can be swapped out for new deals just like that. When you get a paper deal it will not automatically load a new deal should you recheck the paper.

But a tiny secret is that if you close entirely from the HayDay app and reopen it then it’ll appear with new HayDay newspaper deals. If you are on an iPhone you will want to double click on the home button and then swipe on the HayDay app to get it to completely close the app. To close an app on Android, go to preferences, then Program Manager. This will completely close from the app.

Get The Treasure

The last tip I’ll provide you is to help you get treasure out of treasure chests. To find treasure search around for a tool box on a person’s farm. If you find that the box is closed, try tapping everywhere except the x button. Next, you’ll want to visit another farm and find the same tool box.

If it’s unlocked, then take whatever treasure is inside. Now return to your tool box and you should have all the tools out there. If it doesn’t work, continue to test several times until you get it.

Finest HayDay Tips

Without keeping you waiting any longer, let us dig into some of those tips you have been waiting for. If you don’t already have the app installed, then simply head to the App Store on your iPhone or even Android and download the app. It is completely free but there are some in app purchases which can make the game go by a bit faster. Usually these are in the form of money packs which you can use to speed things along. Many people will sink a good deal of money in these games and”purchase power” (in game style conditions, these players are called”whales”), and some have put up elaborate workarounds to keep from ever having to pay a penny. As for me, I like to hit a middle-ground: because I enjoy those games so muchI like to be sure the developers get a little something out of me, therefore I could put a few bucks into it if I can afford it. However, you don’t need to pay anything in order to have a good time.

Make Money Fast

Let us be honest, a lot of us playing HayDay just need to make money and lots of it, fast. (By this, I suggest the in-game currency. Although, I want to create real world cash fast, too. But there are far better ways to do that than simply playing HayDay.) There are some ways that can get you there a bit faster than many others and planting wheat is just one of these. I recommend planting wheat as often as you can and at any nook and cranny which you can afford.

Once you get the wheat plants up and developing you can harvest them and sell off what you don’t need. This is probably the simplest way to make money at HayDay but it’s equally as boring so often times people want to do a bit more to create their cash.

If you are invested in the long hall of farming wheat, you can always use the extra cash to purchase more property which will then provide you more places to grow and harvest your wheat. Other great option is to use hay day hack.

Maintain Crops

You may only want to pull the trigger and then sell all your harvest, not maintain your plants, but that will limit your expansion in the long run if you don’t handle all your crops. Ensure you always have seeds leftover in your silo, don’t ever sell them as you will finally just have to purchase them again from another farmer at a greater cost.

Also, remember that every harvest you plant will double the harvest yield after harvest. Nobody wants to waste diamonds buying seeds which you used to have and sold for a few coins. It’s also great to have a continuous supply of wheat, corn, and feed to your animals to maintain on.

Keep Playing

One of the greatest advice I’ve ever gotten is to continue to perform often and whenever I get a free moment. I’ve found if you stagger long and short play times throughout the day that is the best way to continue to stay in the groove of playing and continue to maintain your plants, creatures, etc..

HayDay creators, Supercell, smartly made HayDay the same manner as they made Clash of Clans. The game is conducted on a server and so it never really stops. This continues to drive it’s players to check it and perform through the day. Therefore, respecting how the game was built, it’s important to continue to play with it regularly.

That wraps up this manual and hopefully provides you with a good sense of the HayDay hints you will need to be successful at the game.

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